Active, Inspirational, and Proposed Example Websites by InstantMediations

Instant Mediations Sites powers beautiful websites for conflict resolution professionals.

Mediator Sites

We design mediator websites that engage customers and encourage negotiations.

This family law customized site looks to the fun part of parenting, and draws in parents looking for a mediator who wants to help them resolve their conflicts quickly.

Mediating International family law issues is the theme of this site, especially when it comes to resolving child relocation issues.

Elder Care Mediation (Inspiration)

This site is themed around mediators and arbitrators providing solutions to adult children needing to help their aging parents. (Proposed)

A membership-based website, this site presents the work of Houston ACR and events of Houston's premier network of conflict resolution professionals.

An example of a corporate themed site with moving images aimed at pulling visitors attention from the start to the services offered by Dr. Barbara Manousso and her colleagues.

Church Mediation (Inspiration)

This engaging site has faith-based organizations and church leaders in mind, and offers ways mediators of faith can help resolve conflicts.

This site focuses on Mediator Angela M. Miller's passions resolving military family and post-genetic disputes.

Law Sites

We design law firm websites for advocates.

This colorful site is centered around Immigration conflicts and provides quick links to common immigration issues. (Proposed)

Bankruptcy and debt negotiations is the theme of this site featuring Houston-based attorney Samuel Aguocha.