Program and Events
Objective: To deliver quality events, training and social opportunities that meet the needs and expectations of ACRH members.
Chairperson: Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso

Diversity and Equity
Objective: To make sure that all programs and committees reflect the diversity of society. 
Chairperson: Sheryl Jackson-Matthews

Objective: To get to know our members so that the Board can meet their aspirations, harness their enthusiasm and develop future Board members.
Chairperson: Dr. Diana Pino
Peer Mediation Team
Objective: To make increase peacebuilding efforts across age levels. 
Chairperson: Darcy Thompson

Website and Social Media
Objective: To expand the ARCH Website to provide additional services to our members and become a portal for the public to find conflict resolution information and practitioners.    
Chairperson: Darcy Thompson
Members: H. Adil Gokturk (Social Media), Nova Abu