Part of the mission of our organization is to inform and educate the public about conflict resolution and the role that it can play in our society and the world. Our website will serve to help us in this mission by providing information about the field and the different elements that constitute the practice of conflict resolution.

The practice of conflict resolution can take different forms. Conflict resolution encompasses mediation, arbitration, conflict coaching, facilitation, reconciliation, negotiation, diplomacy, and peace-building.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is one of the better known forms of conflict resolution, and features different styles of practice for different purposes and settings. To learn more, enjoy reading our description of mediation.

Do you have questions about the profession of conflict resolution? Or question about effective ways of handling conflict in your life?

Contact a member of the Association of Conflict Resolution Houston who has volunteered to serve as a resource for information and will guide you to getting the appropriate professional assistance. The ACRH Conflict Resolution Resource list is also available as a convenient download or view it on our website.